How Creating a Powerpoint on Confidence Changed Mine

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How did I see confidence at the start?

To be honest, my thoughts on confidence at the very beginning are probably very similar to yours right now (unless you have seen my presentation). Confidence to me was such a broad concept with many definitions. Then, I couldn’t even specify the term confidence never mind present a PowerPoint on it. If I was asked to define confidence I would have been brief, confidence to me was not a serious concept whatsoever.

What changed?

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It came to me like the switch of a light bulb that to advise others on how to successfully gain confidence I had to appreciate that the presentation was far more than an assignment. I slowly began to view the process as a confidence boost and a lifestyle change for myself and others. This was the only way I could truly benefit myself s in the long term, so I did exactly this. I began to think deeply about what confidence actually meant to me, how it affected me, and how it could be improved. As a second-year university undergraduate who had been studying from home for a whole year with very little interaction from the outside world, this wasn’t an easy task.

Nonetheless, having this added restraint in the process helped me. It allowed me to realise that increased confidence has so many benefits that involved a lot more than becoming more open and talkative to strangers. I learnt about the long-term effects of increased confidence, for example, increased confidence could actually help me to get better grades.

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How did I view confidence after creating the presentation?

I finally saw confidence as my very own gateway to success. There are so many external influences like family and friends that have a lot of control over the experiences I have and how I feel. However, I learnt confidence is not something that can be affected by anyone else other than me. Before creating and researching confidence I believed that others would most definitely affect my confidence both positively and negatively but I no longer feel this way. I now know that only I can control my confidence.

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What now?

I make sure to embrace my confidence and really take advantage of the positive impacts this can have for students. For example, by learning that confidence can help my grades, my friendships, and the transition into university I continue to work on bettering it. I have implemented little but crucial changes e.g. celebrating my successes and reminding myself of how far I have come. However, confidence is good to have even outside of student life. You learn so much more about yourself and I am having a lot of fun with the ongoing process of it all.




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